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Hi there, my name is Bailey Fritz Harrison and I am psyched to have you here! I am an environmentalist, artist and designer based in the beautiful Bay Area in California. In this post I will tell you a bit about myself and my connection to the the things I love:


Here's a crazy take… Sustainability can be fun! And it should be! I am here to romanticize the environmentalism movement. Think about it like this: when we put heavy and weighted pressure on anything it can begin to feel like a burden. When we choose to view environmentalism through this lens of hardship and perfection, we create not only a stressful life for ourselves but we make the topic unappealing and inaccessible to a large portion of the world. Beginning our eco-minded conversations with optimism, excitement, and invitations to all is the best way to uplift our planet and each other (can I get a heck ya?!).

With this platform, I will be focusing on the topics of sustainable travel, fashion, lifestyle and art. We will cover all kinds of topics from “how to be a sustainable fashionista” to “Eco tips to watch out for when booking a stay” (hint: these examples may just be among some of my first posts).

Growing up in the Bay Area I was immediately immersed in a diverse community that cared for our planet, each other, and saw value in creativity. I was raised vegetarian (I have never eaten meat) and went vegan about 5 years ago for my health and the wellbeing of the creatures around us.

I believe that when approaching topics of sustainability keeping an open mind, a joyful heart and a compassionate lens is crucial. Every person on this earth has a different story, set of tools and relationship to the planet. By looking at these topics through a global lens and celebrating the small and individual contributions we each make we strengthen the cause. My love for community engagement and connection leads me to my next point: Travel.


The ability to see how others live and communicate with people who have lived a completely different life than you provides a type of global connection that has huge creative and environmental potential. We live in an incredible time where access to travel and the world is more available than ever before (even if we still have a ways to go in terms of accessibility and environmental impact).

I received my Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture with the hope of creating spaces that could benefit people and the planet. Since graduating this dream has grown to include many more adjacent topics such as, affordable housing, sustainable travel, language learning and more. Right now I am conversational in American Sign Language and a few months into learning French. My drive to learn languages and connect to people around the world has me planning to learn Tagalog, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese and as many more languages as I can in my lifetime!

I am excited about the possibilities that travel and language learning will lend to not only my future but to anyone who chooses to embark on these exciting adventures that can connect and change the world.


I find sustainable art and fashion to be incredibly inspiring and fun! As a middle schooler I used to be known for having brightly dyed hair and dressing like a crayon to match it (all one color head to toe baby). Creating things with my hands has always been my go to form of fun, expression and my career goals. I stopped shopping from fast fashion brands many years ago and find a ton of joy in thrifting, discovering new eco-minded brands and using what I already have. I am also a big advocate for sharing affordable and fun ways to make eco-fashion accessible rather than criticizing someone for how they shop (after all, everyone has different circumstances and accessibility).

I have artwork dating back to 2000 (when I was 3) though present day and a common theme all the way though it is nature. In both high school and college I have experience designing and construction clothing including a collection of 4 outfits inspired by the colors and themes of Wes Anderson movies (featuring a full mens blue velvet suit).

To me, art and fashion are modes of communication, expression and activism. The beauty of these fields lies in the ability for a painting or piece of clothing to say or make you feel something.


Okay, so now that I've painted a general picture of who I am and what I care about, you may be curious why I am starting to create online content. Similar to travel, I believe that content has the ability to reach huge audiences and make a large impact. Social media and the online world can be used for incredible things but can also become a very negative and disheartening space. I want to be part of the movement towards positive, encouraging and inviting content. We live in a beautiful world full of incredible people and creativity and I hope to be part of inspiring this joy to be at the forefront of who we are.

What about you?

Now it's your turn! Reach out to me on Instagram or through email to connect over the topics in this article or talk about who you are in relation to creativity and environmentalism. I look forward to getting to know you and building a community of open-minded, inclusive and happy environmentalists!

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