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Unleash your artistic potential!
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Investing in your creative wellness and

mental health is an act of radical self love

This is for you if...

1. You feel disconnected from your creative energy. 

2. You have trouble finding time for your art.

3. You are unsure of what makes your style unique.

4. You are drowning in ideas or half finished works.

5. You desire a deeper relationship to creative wellness.

Imagine this:

  • Having a tool kit prepared to help you move through limiting beliefs so they no longer hold you back.

  • Replacing stale definitions and systems with personalized creative methods and a self defined version of success.

  • Feeling confident in your ability to go anywhere you want with your creative journey and life. 

  • Being excited to play and explore with absolutely no creative blocks or boundaries.

  • Having a consistent creative practice that fuels you. 


Consultation Pricing:

1 Call


A 1 hour call where we dive into what is holding you back from creating the way you want.

You will leave with actionable ideas and steps developed specifically for you. 

After our call I will send you personalized notes, resources, and tools to guide you into magical creation.

A set of 3 1 hour calls where we explore your creative journey and where you hope to go with it.

After each call you will receive actionable tools to improve your relationship to your craft. 

Once complete you will receive personalized tools and guides to continue your journey of creative wellness and growth!

3 Pack of Calls

$375 (save $75)!



Wow! This one on one coaching experience with Bailey was amazing! My head was extremely cluttered with ideas and projects and Bailey helped me find a way to declutter it all! You can tell she put a lot of work into it, by sending me lots of documents and tips on how to stay organized as an artist/designer. Everything we talked about and everything she sent me was very helpful and has already changed my life. I’ve been using her technique for better organization and I’m being more productive, my head has more space for new ideas and creativity and I’m less stressed in general.

We also talked a lot about creative block and comparison. That conversation was a game changer for me! Lots of great tips on how to avoid those things.

Bailey knows what she’s talking about and can definitely help you out in tons of aspects! 

I’m impressed and happy I got the chance to do one on one coaching with her.

Luana Kratz, Designer

Hi There!

I'm Bailey, I am an Artist, Designer, Creativity Coach, expert brainstormer, and mental health enthusiast.

Having been an artist and idea machine my entire life, it only makes sense that I'd launch a business where art, creative agency, and happiness stand front and center. 


I believe that every creative mind has endless magic to offer. When unlocked, that magic can help you truly achieve your wildest ideas.

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