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Unleash your creative potential!

Does this sound like you?

1. Feeling disconnected from your creative energy? 

2. Trouble finding time for your art?

3. Unsure of what makes your style unique?

4. Drowning in ideas or half finished works?

5. Ready to be a better artist faster?

In this program we will explore your relationship with the creative process and take your art game to the next level! I teach you how to organize your creativity, optimize your process, find what makes your style unique, and create endless work using your new skills and authentic style. 

In this 12 week program, we work together closely to build the artistic life of your dreams centered around positivity and process.


Power In Practice

Get ready to start this 90 day journey of creative growth, dedicated to changing how you work.

What's included:

- Permanent access to digital content and tools 

- Self guided resources

- 1 on 1 coaching for developing your unique style, building  a substantial body of work, and personal process creation

- Network and brand development 

- Access to entire creative cohort - new friends!

- On going individual support 

1. Define the artistic life of your dreams!

2. Learn to build a large body of work!

3. Develop a positive relationship with your creativity!

4. Unlock your authentic voice and style!

Four Main Pillars of the Program

Hi There!

I'm Bailey, I am an Artist, Creativity Coach, expert brainstormer, and mental health enthusiast.

Having been an artist and go getter my entire life, it only makes sense that I'd eventually launch a business in art, creativity, organization, and creative agency.


I believe that every creative mind has endless magic to offer. When unlocked, that magic can help you truly achieve your wildest ideas.

Creating a positive and productive artistic life is fully within reach and  I am so excited to guide and cheer you on the whole way!



Wow! This one on one coaching experience with Bailey was amazing! My head was extremely cluttered with ideas and projects and Bailey helped me find a way to declutter it all! You can tell she put a lot of work into it, by sending me lots of documents and tips on how to stay organized as an artist/designer. Everything we talked about and everything she sent me was very helpful and has already changed my life. I’ve been using her technique for better organization and I’m being more productive, my head has more space for new ideas and creativity and I’m less stressed in general.

We also talked a lot about creative block and comparison. That conversation was a game changer for me! Lots of great tips on how to avoid those things.

Bailey knows what she’s talking about and can definitely help you out in tons of aspects! 

I’m impressed and happy I got the chance to do one on one coaching with her.

Luana Kratz, Designer

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