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Bailey Fritz Harrison

An Artist, Designer and Environmentalist. 

Exploring art as a tool and outlet for everyday life, Bailey’s art and environmental activism are deeply intertwined. She enjoys spending time dreaming up magical projects that walk the line between reality and fiction.

As a designer she brings excitement, compassion and dedication to each project. She believes in approaching environmentalism and creativity with a jovial attitude to encourage and uplift all people to love and care for our planet, each other and our creative minds. 

Bailey is an idea machine and expert brainstormer (she even calls brainstorming her super power). She is always ready to talk about art, business, the environment and big ideas. She believes in the potential of people, creativity, and making powerful moves!



Bailey's personal and business values are one in the same. They are what drive her to make art, connect with people, and take control of her narrative!

Environmental Activism

Our planet and its people needs us!

Social Change

Take care of each other and act with compassion!

Art Accessibility

Art should be available to anyone and everyone!

Mental Health

Your relationship with yourself is a top priority!

Here you can learn about my education and past job experience! 

Download my Resume here:

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